BibDesk 1.5.4

Help to compile bibliographies

BibDesk is a bibliographic reference manager that helps makes the arduous task of compiling bibliographies a bit easier. View full description


  • Helps compiling bibliographies easier
  • Integration with .bib, PubMed and TeX


  • May still require other programs to complete your bibliographies
  • Takes some learning at first especially with other apps


BibDesk is a bibliographic reference manager that helps makes the arduous task of compiling bibliographies a bit easier.

BibDesk is designed to help organize and use bibliographic databases in BibTeX .bib format which is a format specific to bibliographies. BibDesk lets you drag & drop or cut & paste .bib files into the bibliographic database and automatically open files downloaded from a bibliography database known as PubMed. BibDesk also keeps track of electronic copies of literature on your computer and allows for searching your database.

For those that have only ever used Word to compile their bibliographies, BibDesk will come as a breath of fresh air. However, its unlikely that you will be able to use BibDesk alone to fulfill all of your bibliography needs. Fortunately, BibDesk integrates well with TeX for creating citations and bibliographies although there is no official integration with Latex or Textmate which you'll also probably need.

BibDesk is an excellent tool for anyone that needs to create bibliographies for their academic work.


  • New Features:
  • * Support Web Archive rich text templates
  • * Support template tags in links in rich text templates
  • * Added German localization (thanks Florian Beyerlein)
  • * Support for multiple web groups
  • * Download management in web groups
  • * Hidden preference to suppress initial web group
  • * More web group improvements
  • * Web history submenu of Bookmarks menu
  • Bugs Fixed
  • * Allow opening author info from detail window through shortcut
  • * Improve %-escapes in URLs from fields
  • * Improvements to 'add' scripting command
  • * Fix crasher due to editor not being cleaned up properly
  • * Accept RIS with extra comments at the top
  • * Improvements to template-based preview: use accessory files and background color
  • * Import article number from new import format in ISI search groups
  • * Allow HTML preview templates with accessory files
  • * Fix creation of new groups from AppleScript
  • * Reset file search index when reverting
  • * Escape @ character in saved groups
  • * Fixes and improvements to template documents, in particular when reading from file
  • * Use user's calendar settings to interpret smart group date conditions
  • * Don't reset document when reading fails
  • * Make Revert undoable
  • * Complete support for webarchive templates
  • * Fix IEEE Xplore web parser
  • * Don't crash on corrupted bookmarks data
  • * Don't show duplicate error alert when opening a file was already cancelled
  • * Default to printing all items as bibtex, add a separate print command to print the selection or the preview
  • * Fix some display problems after resorting
  • * Update Springer and ACM web site parsers
  • * Fix journal parsing of COinS web parser


BibDesk 1.5.4